Notice for independent seminar "Strange things about Universities in Japan"

It is often said that it is necessary to internationalize universities. Even Hitotsubashi is placing importance on having it's students become world-class professionals through the education they receive and the transnational activities available to them in different classes. However, to better understand the needs of students and how they perceive this movement, we have decided to carry out a meeting in which to discuss the “strange”or otherwise inconvenient things in Japan's universities, including ours. We look forward to the participation of students with an interest in international affairs, students coming from schools abroad, international schools, or foreign students residing here. Anyone who is a student in Hitotsubashi University is allowed to participate in this free seminar.

When: September 30th (Fri) 4:30pm until 6:00pm
Place: NINOMIYA's Office, Higashi Ichigokan (East Campus Building 1)
Participants will be provided with the necessary materials before carrying out the seminar.
Notice will be provided through Twitter, Facebook or E-mail. Coming during office hours is also possible.